Text Neck Syndrome



Has any one of you experienced the undying neck pain that not only results in frequent irritated outbursts but also is the cause of draining self confidence and energy from daily life? Are you familiar with tension knots or stressed muscles? Isn’t it annoying how every other person complains about having aches in their shoulders and neck but very few opt for resolving the issue that causes this pain? This pain in the neck muscles is now a days being called the Text Neck Syndrome. Seeing that people today find it difficult to survive without their cellphones whether it is to browse their social profiles or to attend professional telecons. Thus the 12 to 13 pounds of their head weight is always mis-balanced on their necks causing them to carry extra 15 pounds of disfigured weight which the body is not made to carry at all. This mis-balance results in neck and shoulder pains resulting in Text Neck Syndrome.  I cant say that this blog will be THAT one article which opens the Pandora box to ultimate relief of this Text Neck Syndrome but it will however introduce a few methods which will, if practiced, help lighten the aches making it bearable to attend that one, “not that important yet hanging on your head” meeting that you were ignoring because you didn’t need more weight on your shoulders.

This blog too is keeping you fixated to your screen so making it short and listing only 2 to 3 Practices/exercises that will actually help make difference.

Right Posture:

Having an upright and relaxed posture is always best when it comes to keeping your muscles relaxed. If however you are one of those who are sloppy then practicing this movement whether sitting or standing might help. Maintaining the normal curve of your spine, lift your chest and level out your head. If you are sitting, roll hips forward until you are on you sit bones and relax your spine in a natural position. Perform 3 to 5 repetitions with each being held for 5 seconds and then progress to 10 repetitions with each being held for 10 seconds. Make sure you are breathing deeply and have a calm, thought free mind while practicing this movement.

3 – Way Mid Back Rocking:

This exercise is best performed while seated. Put your hands on head and move elbows and shoulder back. Tighten up the shoulder blades and mid-back. Then arching back five times, rotate side to side for 5 repetitions in each direction and finally rocking side to side for 5 repetitions for a total of 10 repetitions for each movement.

Upper Trapezius Massage:

This self-massage can be performed while sitting, standing or while on your back. Perform 3 self-massage circles in the muscle and focus on the section that is tight and sensitive. Be gentle and be nice to the windpipe. You can progress to 5-10 repetitions.

I hope these simple tips are beneficial to anyone who reads but remember prevention is always better than cure thus avoid unnecessary indulgence in your cellphones or other screens, take a few moments off after every 2 hours and breath deeply, calming your mind and relaxing those sore muscles. Stay blessed!

Reference: parkertownsend.co, Shoshany, Steven. “A Modern Spine Alignment: Text Neck”