Corporate Wellness And Its Significance


In today’s fast moving business era where everyone strives to be better than other, where every single second is used to get that one pending task done, where every available minute is to prove one capable, very little or no attention is given to personal well being resulting in a traumatic rise in chronic diseases. The issue is that there is no parameter to define the capacity of an employee to work, over time and multi tasking is expected of everyone. Only those survive in today’s business world, who knows a faster way to get the things done. The meaning of efficiency has been changed to incorporate not just doing right thing within time frame but doing a task before anyone else does. In all this haste physical as well as mental health is being ignored and high ranking companies are to be blamed. It is about time that the importance of employee wellness (physical and mental) is recognized and steps are taken to ensure that employees are not just satisfied but will remain healthy in the long term as well.

Research is being done on the parameters of corporate wellness. HR department of the firm is usually responsible to maintain a healthy environment however employees themselves can adopt a few practices to maintain a sound mind and healthy physical being.

Here are 6 things that can be done to prioritize wellness in work place:

  1. Check in with your HR department’s Wellness/Work-Life divisions and seek out any programs or offerings that they may offer to help enhance your overall life priorities, and take advantage of any services that may provide you with assistance. If there is a gap in the offerings for what you need, voice your opinion and tell them what would be helpful.
  2. Do periodic stress awareness check-ins. Do you know how you react to stress? In those times when life gets hectic, do you feel like the day is moving faster? Do you have any tension in your back, neck, or shoulders? Are you crabby or hungry? Do you experience headaches? Once you know how your mind and body react to stress, pay attention to these signs and every so often, give yourself a stress check. If you are seeing those signs creeping into your day, it’s an indication that you may need to take a quick break.
  3. Speaking of breaks, while at work, find a way to move your body every hour for at least 5 minutes. Go for a quick walk, do some quick jumps in place, or some light stretching of your arms, legs, back, and shoulders. You might consider walking to a colleague’s office in lieu of calling them. Or perhaps do some work while standing if you’ve been sitting in your chair too long. And if you fear you might forget to make time for this, set notifications on your phone or watch.
  4. Take the time to connect with your colleagues in a non-working Allow yourself to mingle the few minutes before or after meetings. Go out to lunch together. Participate in office challenges or take a water or coffee break together. Find something else to talk about other than work every so often (your family, upcoming travel plans, your latest workout plan).
  5. At the beginning of each day, identify one target item you want to accomplish. At the end of the day, celebrate your progress on that target item, as well as any other great wins for the day. And whenever you have a chance, practice gratitude with the things that you enjoy about your work, and allow yourself to smile about it!
  6. Set good boundaries between your work time and non-work time: Do you tend to bring home your office work with you every night, or find your mind spinning about work ideas long after you’ve left? Make a goal to set a reasonable time frame to shut off that working brain, and take advantage of the time outside of work to relax and recharge. It will help with your productivity. Also, make time for a solid lunch break, and don’t eat at your desk.

Start small: it’s all about giving yourself permission to make just a little more time for you. As you continue to practice more, notice how it impacts you. If it is helpful, keep going. If it’s not, feel free to try something else, as there are many other ways to enhance your wellness outside of this list. And finally, encourage your colleagues to prioritize wellness, as your environment and the stress levels of everyone else around you can impact you as well. The more the people around you are practicing self-care, the easier it will be for you to make this commitment to wellness. Stay Blessed!