A simple healthy routine!


It’s all over the internet, “How to lose weight in 20 simple ways” or “your immediate guide to a better life”, you see blogs/articles like these 90% of your surfing time and about 99% of the time you do click to see if the article posted can benefit you for real. Why do we see so many writers writing about “better lifestyle”, “nutrition”, “health”?  Why is everyone so keen on getting suggestions to improve themselves? Thing is, live these days is busy, it’s demanding. It requires us to be constantly in competition, with each other and also with our selves. We need to be better than what we were a week ago, always polishing ourselves, to an extent that it gets tiring! Now these articles, many do effect yet finding how life changing is the article presented, we tend to ignore many suggestions and continue with our lives as it, this causes us to stay in a circle of always wanting to know simpler things to improve ourselves with.

Haven’t anyone of you experienced this; when your walk routine gets altered because you have that relative to meet and because you missed your walk one day you feel ok missing it again to wash that pile of clothes that were in the wash basket for a week. Before you realize you have missed a whole week of walk and by then starting again requires the same motivation it did when you started for the first time.

Wouldn’t it be better if rather than applying extra routines on our already packed schedule we opt for practices that we already are doing but when done consciously does impact our lives in a positive way. Practices like:

  1. Having a glass of water before you start your meal, it as simple as that. It not only fills your stomach but also neutralizes the acid content making the stomach ready for digestion
  2. Having breakfast that’s not just heavy but as healthy as it can be, it increases your metabolic rate helping your body to use the nutrients to make energy required throughout the day; it also sets a positive tone to the day keeping the mind alert and active.
  3. Before you start with your daily routine at office or at home, make sure you do some warm up stretches, at office it’s as easy as going around in the morning to say Salam to everyone before to saddle on to your work stations while at home you can jump and stretch before you set to your chores (whatever suits!)
  4. I keep stressing on (in my previous blogs) the importance of taking mid work breaks, not just for a glass of water but to stretch your legs and do a few neck exercises, it helps relaxing the tension in the muscles and also helps bringing freshness to your mind.                                                office exercise 1                                                                           hand exercise
  5. . Using your lunch time not just to fill your stomach but also to take a walk or meditate. Usually we have 30 min – 60 min lunch breaks out of which max 15min is spent eating, it is thus important that rather than going back to work stations we take a few mins to maybe go outside or sit in a room to meditate.
  6. Taking your dinner 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed is another way to keeping a healthy life style. It gives your stomach ample time to digest and also help keep acidity in check.
  7. Taking a long walk/ride once or twice a week not just as an exercise but to run some errands e.g. to buy eggs or bread for home etc.
  8. Organizing physically challenging parties e.g. a hike with friends or a badminton game etc
  9. Have a past time activity, read books or listen to music. Have a habit, it not only engages your imagination keeping your life interesting but also gives you a source to vent your stress out keeping a healthy mental state.

Once you realize that keeping fit and healthy isn’t an added duty but a part of your daily lifestyle, it won’t be difficult for you, you won’t have to make time for practices that make you fit but your daily routine will itself comprise of lifestyle practices that will keep you going healthy and safe from many chronic diseases! Stay Blessed.


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